Friday, 21 November 2014

Old Street redesigned

TFL are currently releasing lots of consultations at the moment. This part of the better junctions scheme, which is planned to improve 33 junctions for cycling. Some of these have already been released, ranging from disappointing (such as Elephant and Castle) to needing very few changes to be very good (such as Blackfriars)

From the consultations so far, I think I can raise the following two points:
  • TFL have realised that good cycling infrastructure should be designed to the same standards as roads are
  • However, TFL have not realised that cycles need to be treated differently to cars
I think these are made most apparent in the consultation for Old Street Roundabout. This includes some very promising cycle tracks through the junction, and most importantly, all left hook conflicts have been removed. Also, not a single ASL in sight, which is also another huge step forward.
Promising, but the cycle facilities still need improvement
However, most of the problems in this design stem from the fact that TFL are still treating cycles the same way they would treat cars. This is apparent by the excessive signalisation of cycle only conflicts, and of pedestrian and cycle interactions.

Yes, there are conflicts, but cycles don't need signals to deal with them.
That's why I've done a redesign of TFLs consultation plan. This isn't because you should oppose TFLs plans, far from it. However, it needs to be shown to TFL how cycle tracks need to be designed, because bikes are not cars, and so interactions aren't the same.

Much safer for cycling, and much quicker to cycle through
The T-junctions now have cycle track crossings on all arms, and allow cycles to make a left turn or go straight ahead at all times without signals. Cycles also don't have to wait for pedestrian crossings. Pedestrians cross the crossings either on an informal crossing, or though a zebra crossing, however my diagram has these missing.
Closer to a standard Dutch junction

All the changes can be seen in the PDF of my amendments

Overall, I think people need to partially support the TFL proposals. They are among some of the most promising UK cycling infrastructure plans to date. But there are problems, and to fully support the proposals purely because they are better will, in my opinion, mean we will never progress to anything better. I know TFL look at my plans, for Kings Cross my designs made it into the appendix. Therefore when responding to the consultation, link to this blog post, and show TFL how to improve their designs even further.

Too much praise leaves you where you are, but well put criticism will lead to progress.