Friday, 1 April 2016

The big problem with cycle superhighways

It's great to see the number of segregated cycle tracks starting to appear on London's streets. These are great pieces of cycle infrastructure, that will enable people of all ages to cycle in London who wouldn't have been able to previously.

Or do they?

A picture posted by Carlton Reid on Twitter just the other day shows a massive design flaw of the segregated cycle superhighways, yet nobody within the cycle campaigning community seems to have picked up on it.

These so-called "low level signals" are meant to be at the eye level for a cyclist. BUT HOW CAN THESE BE CONSIDERED EYE LEVEL FOR A CHILD?

RED for bad, and GREEN showing where a lower level signal should be
If we really expect children to be using these routes, then we should be catering for them. Low level signals are clearly designed to discriminate against children. Therefore cycling campaigns must start campaigning for signal equality for children.

To fix this problem, I propose the creation of the "lower level signal" This will work in conjunction with existing low level signals to create this required signal equality for children

A lower level signal working in conjunction with a low level signal working in conjunction with a normal level signal

Look how simple it is to add proper equality for children
Please sign the petition to introduce lower level signals today, to enable to children to experience the same signal equality as adult cyclists. If children are unable to use the new superhighways, it puts all future cycling infrastructure at risk! Don't let that happen.


Won't somebody think of the children?