Wednesday, 11 February 2015

National Cycle Network in Pontypridd

My first attempt at a video with narration, following National Cycle Network Route 4 through Pontypridd. I spend more time off the bike rather than on it.

This is not cycle provision.


  1. The section past the bus shelters is hilarious.
    That's a NATIONAL cycle route. Imagine the M6 brought down to a single bidirectional lane somewhere just south of Birmingham.

  2. National Cycle Network ? They've not got a clue how to make cycling work properly. What was your average speed ? How far had you actually travelled in the 6 minute video (some of which is sped up !) So far as 1 km ? Unless cycling is time competitive with driving, people will consider it to be a waste of time.

    1. Having traced the route on an OS map, I think it's about 350m as the crow flies, or 650m along the route taken. Including the time spent waiting at lights, that's an average of either 3 km/h or 5.5 km/h.

  3. Hilariously tragic. Pontypridd has a population of 3,000 people; and they need a 4 lane road!
    Cameron called the NCN a national treasure.
    The empire has really become a banana kingdom

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