Monday, 31 March 2014

Crossrail through Parliament Square (April Fools 2014)

Download link here

If Boris is to be believed, then "Crossrail for the Bike" is going to be going through Parliament Square. This is an important route, and hopefully a chance to set some high design standards. I used satellite imagery to map out Parliament Square and used the same colours as TFL consultations to mark out pavements, road and road markings ect. My finished version can be found below:

Segregation to keep safe

One of the key features of my design is the use of segregation to keep cyclists safe on the busy gyratory. It is important that some segregation is provided to  keep cyclists safe when navigating such a junction. In other places, segregation has not been used because blue paint has been used instead.

Double or Nothing

Another key feature is my use of an innovative new idea. The double advanced stop line will mean that when the first advanced stop line is blocked by motor traffic, cyclists will still be able to get ahead of other traffic in complete safety. Quite frankly I don't understand why nobody has come up with this idea before.

To conclude

I feel that my design is the best that could fit into this location, after all there is only room for 5 motor traffic lanes around Parliament Square, so I feel I have done the best I could given the circumstances. I have shown my design to two other people (See responses from Rick and Eduard) and received positive responses, and I hope you agree.


  1. LOL good one, had me for a second

  2. The best satire is almost indistinguishable from the thing being satirised :)

    The sad thing is, someone in TfL is probably now wondering how their latest plans for Parliament Square were leaked!

  3. Bravo! Top work all round.

  4. Briliant. Highly innovative! This would put us well ahead of the Dutch.

    1. Correction: This would put you decades even further than the Dutch. But this design is so insensible that TFL simply will want to use it.

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